Rewards Technology: the Keeper Contract

The Kepper Contract is a separate Smart Contract who manages and receives reflections coming from Tokens' swap/transfer/exchange. The Reflections generated from this contract are infact called KeeperFees (more below).

Rewards Reflections

The Smart contract applies a 3% tax commission of every transaction or swap and gets then redistributes live to the MVTX, whose holders can redeem monthly. This commission is called "KeeperFee" who gets accumulated and distributed as reflections based on NFT holders and rarities to the holders who decides to claim.

See more on our smart contract:

The daily rebalance on the reflections:

Daily reward keeper cronjob result: { "address": "0x969845d22c237Db9e8176f309f3A3a575EC36828", "timestamp": 1658188800, "balance": "153435313981211505", "activityDays": 167, "cumulativeReward": "175372911924052286", "createdAt": "2022-07-19T00:00:00.888Z", "_id": "62d5f40052bc0b02fe8c3a79" }

KeeperFees cannot be increased as it's written on our smart contract:

uint256 private constant MAX_KEEPER_FEE = 3;

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