Reward-based NFT on BSC

The Mavatrixโ€™s NFT is an ERC-721, BEP-721 to be precise as it is an extension of Ethereumโ€™s ERC-721 on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This is currently the most commonly used NFT standard and is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Each NFT is unique and is not interchanged with any other token. BEP-721 tokens allow you to tokenize the ownership of data and attach to it a unique identifier. This aspect makes the token one of a kind and vastly different from BEP-20 tokens. WIth BEP-20, developers can create multiple identical tokens within one smart contract. However, with BEP-721, each token is assigned a different token ID.

Through these unique IDs, BEP-721 tokens can be used to represent collectible, non-fungible items, in our case, the first collection of our Mavatars.

The contract address is public, you can find the info by following the link below:

  • Name: Mavatrix

  • Symbol: MVTX

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