MVTX Contract Description

This contract inherits and extends OpenZeppelin ERC721 token. We implement an updatable BaseURI in order to (eventually) migrate URI. The token implements also function useful for Ownership management and when the sale will be closed we will call the renounceOwnership() function in order to seal the contract and fully decentralize it.


  • IERC721

  • IERC721 Metadata

  • IERC721 Enumerable



Custom made

  • Capped

  • Override BaseURI

  • Mint in batch (up to 10 tokens per transaction)

Minting will be role-based and only one crowdsale contract at a time is allowed to act as minter. It will store logic about the allocation of resources as well as pricing and timing ones (eventually). The owner has a minter role too.

This smart contract interacts also with another smart contract who manages the commissions going to the Rewards Pool and distributed as reflections.

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